Anagama Fired, Sectional Thrown Pots

  These sectional pots were first made in 2019 during my three month residency with Ray Meeker at Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP), Pondicherry (India). I was just getting started and wanted to make more work and do a kiln load of firing. I kept making pots until the end of my residency. Ray and I…

Andretta got me Addicted to Slip Trailing

    In September 2018, I went to Andretta, Himachal Pradesh (India), to primarily learn two skills: a) create slip trailed designs, and b) make low fired glazes. Andretta pottery, set up originally by Sardar Gurcharan Singh, works primarily with terracotta clay. They extensively use four colored slips – white, blue, green and brown –…

Gond Art Wall Mural

  In 2019, a very interesting commissioned project came my way – A Terracotta Wall Mural. The project tested my skills on many levels. Project Planning: It was a big 8 feet by 6 feet installation. It needed immense amount of planning to deliver the work on time. All stages of the project – Designing,…

45. Glazed Terracotta Jug and Glasses

I have always wanted a big jug, for those days when one needs close to unlimited supply of lemonade or just flavored mint/tulsi water. Glazed Terracotta Jug and Glasses This set was made in the beautiful artist village of Andretta, Himachal Pradesh, India. Decorated with the famous ‘Neela Thota’ glaze of Andretta Pottery, these wheel…

44. गोलमाल

Green Globe; wheel thrown pot with rhythmic pattern incised all over its surface. Stoneware body 12 cm diameter, 13 cm height.

43. Lovely Little Jars

Two lovely little jars to serve your precious chutneys, pickles and sauces. Wheel thrown pots Stoneware clay

42. Set of five handcrafted bowls

A set of five handcrafted honey brown ceramic bowls. The perfectly rolled rim gives extra strength and a neat finish to the bowl; and carefully trimmed high foot ensures easy handling. These bowls combine function with aesthetics. Enjoy a steaming soup or munch snacks out of it, these bowls can serve a variety of purposes…

41. My Favorite Coffee Mugs

  Coffee Mugs. Overlapping two glazes to create a dripping pattern on the mug. 10.5 cm Height, 7.5 cm Mouth 2018 Stoneware

40. Peek-a-boo

Tea mugs. many Japanese potters leave a part of the tea mugs unglazed, to remind people of the material – earth – it is made of. a design inspired by that tradition. peek-a-boo. 2018 Stoneware


Brown and White Planter; Wheel thrown with altered rim with white glaze drips 2017 Stoneware 5.5 x 3.5 inches


Beige and Green Planter; Wheel thrown with altered rim and carved out sections at the bottom 2017 Stoneware 6 x 5 x 2.5 inches Please note: This item is not for sale


Urn. Use it as a vase or store precious little things in it. The character of this piece will definitely stand out. 2017 Stoneware 7 x 6.5 inches