Anagama Fired, Sectional Thrown Pots


These sectional pots were first made in 2019 during my three month residency with Ray Meeker at Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP), Pondicherry (India). I was just getting started and wanted to make more work and do a kiln load of firing. I kept making pots until the end of my residency. Ray and I decided for me to come back to Golden Bridge the following year and fire these forms. As fate would have it, an Anagama workshop got scheduled at GBP in March 2020. Veena Chandran, an experienced potter and a very kind & cheerful person from Pune, organized the workshop and invited me for it. Five of my sectional pots found place in that Anagama firing, along with many other functional and decorative pieces. I could not have asked for better results.

As per GBP tradition, one pot from the firing goes to the teacher. Debbie liked the clean form and the overall result of the top left pot. It found place in Ray and Debbie’s house in Pondicherry 🙂

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