I make sense of modern life in clay.

After seven years of unease with constructed realities on spreadsheets, digital distances of online meetings, unforgiving hierarchies & made-up deadlines, I found my peace with realness of the touch of clay, the immediacy of wheel throwing, and the forgiving nature of clay & unaffected speed of time that the clay demands. It takes what it takes and there’s no rushing it. I moved from being a corporate analyst to be a full-time potter four years ago.

During this time, I had the good fortune of learning from the greats like Ray Meeker (Pondicherry, India), Mansimran ‘Mini’ Singh (Andretta, India) & Sarath Chandrajeewa (Colombo, Sri Lanka). Under their guidance, I built an appreciation for the timeless beauty of functional pottery. I learned the power of simplicity that lends itself to everyday use and warms our hearts and hearths.

So far I was training myself to perfect forms & practices. But I believe, now is the time for me to unlearn perfection, experiment and grow. I want to continue creating beautiful pottery that is suited for everyday use; but I want to imbue it with meaning that reflects our modern lives. When humans of the 31st century unearth my pottery, I wish for them to know about the life of us 21st century humans – living hyper-real lives, swiping away their time on earth, battling loneliness and gender inequalities, worried about global climate change. The challenge here is about rendering these realities in a simple and unassuming aesthetic. I find inspiration in the new human gestures that we use to interact with modern technology – they are simple, they are powerful, and they convey our modern realities in ways yet unexplored.

I aim towards a subtle, unobtrusive beauty that conveys modern reality of our digital lives in the form of simple yet provocative pottery.